Overall Impact December 2015- December 2018

Number of Dresses Distributed: over 10,000

  • Fort Bliss, TX: 3,853
  • Fort Eustis, VA: 1,740
  • Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA: 1,287
  • Fort Irwin, CA: 203
  • Washington, DC Pop-Up : 832 (from 2 one-day events)
  • Fort Benning, GA: 254 (opened September 2018)
  • Fort Stewart, GA:  Opened March 2019
  • Fort Carson, CO: Opened August 2019

2018 Impact 

# of Dresses Distributed:  3,319

  • Fort Bliss, TX: 1,153
  • Fort Eustis, VA: 640
  • Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA: 487
  • Fort Irwin, CA: 203
  • DC Pop-up: 582
  • Fort Benning, GA: 254
  • Fort Stewart, GA: Opened March 2019
  • Fort Carson, CO: Opened August 2019


Deploying America’s Patriotism

“Deploying America’s Patriotism One Dress at a Time” is the cornerstone of our organization.  We’ve built a bridge between the military and civilian communities, while providing a tangible way for the American population to “support the troops.” At Operation Deploy Your Dress, we see each dress we “redeploy” as a hug, handshake, or pat on the back from citizens all over the country to our military and their families.

DC Pop-Up Volunteers

Fostering Community Through Volunteerism

Operation Deploy Your Dress depends solely on volunteers as our workforce. Moving to a new military community can be difficult. ODYD offers not just a free dress, but an opportunity to become part of a welcoming group.  We believe volunteering is a great way to tighten the bonds within a community, build relationships, and improve the military experience for many military families. Our volunteers are giving back to their military community, but also creating life long friends and making a difference in the lives of our service members and their families.

Six “Re-Deployed” dresses at a unit ball.

Upholding Military Tradition and Encouraging Camaraderie

The military is steeped in tradition. Military Balls are one of the unique experiences of military culture, fostering camaraderie and team building.  They are a great opportunity for service members and their spouses (or family members) to enjoy an evening of socializing and bonding; however, they can be expensive to attend, especially for young service members. By offering a free dress to military ID card holders, Operation Deploy Your Dress helps more people attend the ball.fullsizeoutput_2160Active duty soldier on lunch break found her perfect dress.