ODYD Bridal: 
Deploying a New Wedding Dress

How it works


Eligible Bride completes Bridal Recon Team (BRT) form. If approved, Eligible Bride will receive link to make an appointment.


Bride is paired with a stylist from the Bridal Recon Team and goes through the process to pick a dress.


Bride receives the brand new gown and shares photos and overall experience with Bride Recon Team.

We have approximately 27 different wedding gown styles. Check them out on our Pinterest Board.

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Operation Deploy Your Dress: Bridal

“We are so excited to branch out with our new ODYD Bridal Program. A big part of our mission has always been building connections within the military community. What better way to welcome a new military family member into our community than deploying a brand new wedding dress!”

~Yvonne Coombes, CEO, Co-Founder

2020-21 Army Military Spouse of the Year

Information About ODYD: Bridal

ODYD will deploy our Bridal Recon Team to support eligible Brides with virtual styling appointments & the opportunity to deploy a BRAND NEW WEDDING DRESS to anywhere in the world!

The Bridal Recon Team will be available through all phases of deployment to guide our eligible recipients & ensure that they are matched with the perfect dress. 


Most frequent questions and answers

For ODYD Bridal we are expanding our existing eligibility guidelines to include all of the following: 

  • Service Members – Active Duty or Retired
  • Fiancees of Service Members
  • Dependents of Service Members (including aged out dependent daughters)
  • National Guard and Reservists (currently serving)

ID Cards will be verified as part of the application process. Standard eligibility guidelines for re-deploying dresses at out shop locations remain in place and subject to inventory and availability of each individual shop location. 

Eligible recipients are encouraged to complete the application located at the top of the website page. In addition to meeting the ODYD eligibility requirements, applicants must have a wedding planned between 90 days and 2 years from the date of their application. 

Brides selected to receive a bridal gown will pay a one time shipping and handling fee of $35 via PayPal only. 

Operation Deploy Your Dress has enlisted the support of a new group of volunteers that make up our Bridal Recon Team (BRT). BRT stylists will be paired with a bride and walk them through the process from start to finish. Dresses in available sizes and styles specific to a bride’s professional measurements will be shared and discussed during a virtual styling appointment. These styling appointments will be scheduled for one hour and brides are encouraged to share the experience with their family and friends.

ODYD Bridal boxes will be shipped and delivered to the address provided to Operation Deploy Your Dress. Shipment is expected to occur no later than two weeks after the completion of the Bridal Recon Team’s styling appointment with the bride. All dresses will be shipped from the ODYD Distribution Center in Colorado. 

Dresses will not be shipped until a confirmation of professional measurement is shared with our Bridal Recon Team during a virtual appointment. It is assumed that your standard dress size will be different from your bridal size. 


Any problems/issues with your dress (dress defects, size problems, etc.) should be reported to the ODYD Bridal Recon Team within 14 days of receiving your dress. Returns/exchanges will be accepted on a limited basis with the shipping expenses paid by the bride. Dresses with tags removed will not be accepted for return.

Due to the individual and specific nature of bridal alterations, bridal gowns deployed from Operation Deploy Your Dress’ Bridal Program will only be brand new from dressmakers.

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